OurPact Free Parental Control App Review

OurPact Review: Best Screen Time Management App Today my review we will be on the app which has got parents buzzing with excitement. The app is known as OurPact which contains many parental control tools aid to monitor and control a kid’s electronic device. This is a free parental control app and has become popular in

How to Monitor Your Teen’s Phone Activity?

  It seems really hard for parents to know what their children are up to on their devices. Teens seem to be exposed to adult content which is why many parents are concerned that all this rapid information being given to the children is good or not. Parents monitor kids’ phone activity in order to be

Parents: 5 Tips for your Child to Stay Safe on Internet

The Internet has become an integral part of everyday life. Rules that we applied to our children like “Don’t talk to strangers” have a wider application in today’s life. Where we often used to only keep an eye on our children, now we need to “talk” and “discuss” with them on what’s wrong and right

The Easiest Way to Supervise your Kids Online – Qustodio Review

This is my review for Qustudios’ Safe Browser for iOS and ultimate parental control software for all devices. Being known to be the best free parental control app on the internet, Qustudio not only protects your children’s internet activity, it also understands and manages it. Updated: December 2016 Using Qustudio, you can know when your

Best Parental Control for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: NetSanity Review

NetSanity is an amazing cloud-based parental control service for iOS devices lets you filter and block everything your kids do on the internet.   How to install and how it works? It works without jailbreaking iPhone, iPod, and iPad touch. You login to your computer or smartphone and setup parental control restrictions on the target device

PhoneSheriff Review 2016: All you Need to Know about Phonesheriff

Keep an Eye on your Son’s or Daughter’s Activities Due to popular demand, this is my review of the Phonesheriff parental monitoring app. Although I was caught up with things, I took out time to test out this application.  Updated: Dec 2016 PhoneSheriff? PhoneSheriff is one of the best parental control apps that sends you

The Bizarre Reality and Impact of the Internet on your Teenager

It’s a fact that internet gives us useful information, but it can put a detrimental effect on our kids. We need to protect our child from negative part of the internet. You can not deny your child to the access of internet as it does not seem practical. Many useful resources are available your kids

How to restrict YouTube and Safari on any iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

A few simple steps to effortlessly restrict YouTube and Safari on any iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Due to its continuously growing popularity and demand, it is of no surprise that anyone and everyone now owns an Apple device. Just as Apple updates the size and design of its devices, it also introduces newer iOS.

Net Nanny Review 2016 – #1 Rated Parental Control Software

  With school off and vacations in full swing, you often see kids hooked on to mobile phones and computers to surf the virtual world. They have forgotten the pleasures of playing outside or appreciating the nature’s art. Brush aside your apprehensions and get hold of Net Nanny – your virtual baby sister that will

Teensafe Review – Monitors your child’s digital life

There was a time when I felt that there is nothing I could do to keep an eye on what my kids were doing. Once they entered the teenage years the world was open to them. Adding on to this was the ever available virtual world that has absolutely no boundaries barring them from mature